– Teplice Freshlabels Pickup & Outlet –


Freshlabels Pickup Teplice
Stanová 2
Teplice 41501

We accept credit and debit cards.


Mon-Fri:10:00 - 18:00

Our Pickup gives you a unique opportunity to try all the products we have in our central warehouse. The offer is huge and nothing prevents you from exploring it.

If you want to have everything prepared in advance and reduce waiting time to a minimum, we recommend that you check the online store and make a non-binding order for the goods you want to try before you visit the Pickup (in the checkout please choose "Pickup Teplice Store" and "Pay at store").

  1. Feel free to order more models or sizes at our online store.
  2. Try everything in the Teplice Pickup.
  3. Pay only what you ultimately take.
  4. If you want to try something extra on the spot, we will prepare anything from the central warehouse while you wait.